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Aimee Flynn - Creative Art Lesson

Aimee Flynn
Lesson- Native American Art and Symbolism
Grade - 6th
Social Studies S.S. 6.13 - Identify what makes up a culture and examine how people acquire their cultural beliefs and value systems.
Performing Art Standards- #4 Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation.
#5 - Develop and refine artistic techniques and work fro presentation.
#6 - Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.

Objectives: Students will create their own visual story by drawing Native American symbols on paper sacks cut to look like buffalo hides.  Students will orally present their stories to the class.

Lesson - This lesson could be use in conjunction with the study of different Native American tribes across North America.  The teacher should show examples of Native American stories using symbols and pictures.


Questions to ask students as they look at the art examples:
What sticks out to you as yo look at these Native American stories?
How are these stories different from the stories you read today?
How are these stories similar to the ones you tell or read today?
What are some ideas you have for your own personal story?