Art Integration and VTS

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Art Integration and VTS

Lauren Thorson
After reading and watching these resources, the things that spoke to me most were:
-Students need to understand everything that they are seeing in the picture
-It is important for students to look at and describe what is happening in pictures
-Students need to be exposed to art throughout their entire education( at the younger ages it will require more instruction and attention)
-There is no right or wrong answer in the concept of VTS

The ideas that these sources gave me are:
These gave me other ideas to use in my classroom since I teach my students art. I usually try to do projects where they draw, paint, cut or build.  But art can even be a discussion about a painting.   It also taught me to use the pictures in the textbooks to have the students incorporate it into what the text is saying.  

How do you integrate arts into your curriculum?
I integrate into my curriculum quite a bit during science and social studies.  The students are using their art skills to do skits during these units.  They are also building posters for various topics throughout the year.  I also allow my students to draw when I am reading aloud.  They are doing it quietly during that time.  

Other thoughts:
I will definitely be using VTS in my classroom for my remaining years of teaching.