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Anna Denniston
Art Lesson + History
Standard: Standard #4 Select Analyze and interpret artistic work for presentation
Comparing events from past and present

Materials: Elmo, sculpting clay, sticky notes,

Anticipatory: Have the students think about different places that they go to watch live events, whether it be indoor or outdoor. What does the area look like? Are there usually lots of people?
Call on some students and jot down their answers on the board.
I will explain today we will be comparing past and present day arenas and why they are/were important. We will be creating our own model of the Roman colosseum using clay.

I do: I will then draw a venn diagram on the board of today‚Äôs venues and arenas compared to the past. I will place two photos at the front of the room for visual.  I will model my thinking out loud and write down my example that I see a large building that seats lots of people and place my sticky note and place on the board.

We do: I will then have the students turn and talk to compare images from the past and today. The students will then fill out sticky notes and post them on the venn diagram. We will then have a class discussion about their ideas and what they have noticed.
-made of stone or cement
-some are outdoors
-today they have seats, in the past they had benches or to stand
-there was dirt for the floor and openings

On own: Students will then create their own Greek coliseum made of clay.

Closure: When the students are finished completing their artwork, i will call on three students to share a fact that they learned about from the Roman colosseum.