Arts Integration Videos Assignment #5 Ellen Stoltz-McGinity

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Arts Integration Videos Assignment #5 Ellen Stoltz-McGinity

Ellen Stoltz-McGinity
What speaks to you?
I really enjoyed the visual impacts of the first video, with the Visual Thinking Curriculum. I love that it helps work as an equalizer between kids of different SES and races, as well as different backgrounds such as immigrant or ELL. Giving students tools to improve their thinking and open their horizons is such a gift.

Does it give you any ideas?
Yes, it makes me want to use listening maps, story books, and associations between aural and visual works of art more. It makes me want to spend more time having kids describe what they see and be able to justify their answers. Helping them learn that others may see things differently is also an important part of this process. I will want to focus on that as well.

How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?
Being a music teacher, my curriculum IS arts based. But this gives me ideas on how to help students see and create connections with other subjects even more than I have in the past.

Other reactions?
I just love the idea of helping students see that there are multiple perspectives, and of giving them tools to observe and maybe even create qualitative judgments based on what they can see (and hear), and to be able to back these judgments up with evidence-based reasoning. There are so many possibilities here. Helping students develop a life-long appreciation of the Arts is one of my goals, and I can really see this approach helping with that goal.