Assignment #5: Art Integration Discussion

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Assignment #5: Art Integration Discussion

Lisa Anderson
What speaks to me?
I really like the way VTS gets students to think outside the box.  It is a great way to differentiate instruction and allows students to explore and ask questions to understand. I like to think of it the way they described it as a "jumpstart" to learning even when being presented with something for the first time.  I also like that there is no right or wrong answer.  Students today are so consumed with getting something "right", they often don't try to answer in class for fear of getting it wrong.

Does it give me any ideas?
Yes, I have many ideas swirling around after reading and watching these videos.  I love the discussions between the two boys in the one video.  They were questioning and giving predictions and thoughts about what they were seeing.  Neither was making fun of the other's responses.  Very positive experience for both boys.  Again, I really love the fact that there are no right or wrong answers, just great discussion.  
I am interested to read more on the differences between arts integration and enhancement.  I see now that I do the enhancement portion and not really the integration.  

How do I integrate Arts into my curriculum?
I feel like I am on the right track but see now that I need some planning time with my related arts teachers to fully get arts integrated into my classroom.  I wish there was enough time for planning with them even if it was once a month to discuss general topics of study.  

Other Reactions.
I see now that most of my colleagues are enhancing with the arts and not really integrating per the actual definition from the last video.  It isn't as easy as it would seem.