Assignment #5 - Art Integration Discussion

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Assignment #5 - Art Integration Discussion

Heather Hayes
What speaks to you?
Watching the students talk freely to each other while they were analyzing the art pieces was mind blowing. I do feel that having students apply what they have learned is the ultimate goal, and if I were their teacher, I would feel extremely satisfied that they had taken what they learned in the class to the outside world.

Does it give you any ideas?
I really liked how in the beginning of the first video, the teacher allowed students to talk about what they thought was going on in the picture. It seemed like one of the students had an off the wall answer (at least to me) about how he thought they were in a cemetery and then the teacher was breaking down how he got to that idea and had him explain his thoughts rather than just brush off his comment and move on. This makes me think of times that I have heard similar "out there" comments (especially when we are reading picture books) and I have simply acknowledged them but then moved on - when really, I should be digging deeper to see their connection.

How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?
I always have early finish activities for students. These vary by subject, but a few include drawing pictures to go with our writing, tangrams, creating comic strips to go along with stories. I also like having a cool down corner for students, and have mosaics they can color on the wall as a class project.

Other reactions?