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Creativity Lesson Plan Ellen Stoltz-McGinity

Ellen Stoltz-McGinity
Ellen Stoltz-McGinity

Name of Lesson: Can You Hear It – Billy the Kid

Class Level: 4th-5th

Overview and Purpose: This is an integrated arts lesson that should encourage creativity in students.  It will allow them to express themselves artistically through drawing and/or writing.  It will encourage students to focus their listening and connect it to vocabulary words. It will also allow them to make connections to a work of art and use Visual Thinking Skills.

Materials: Book Can You Hear It by William Lach
Recording of Aaron Copland’s Rodeo Ballet
Drawing paper, writing paper, pencils, colored pencils, crayons
Delivery of Information/Process: Have Students (S) listen to “Hoe-Down” from Rodeo as a review. Discuss instrumentation used and expressive terms demonstrated in this piece (e.g. dynamics, tempo, articulation). T should record discussion about instrumentation and expressive qualities to display later.

Guided Practice: Have S listen to another selection: “Gun Battle” and discuss what they heard (focus again on instrumentation and expressive qualities heard). Have S get drawing/writing materials and have them draw a picture and/or write a short paragraph about what they are hearing. Play the selection 2-3 times (it is about 3-1/2 minutes long) to give S time to work. Have S share their work in pairs or small groups and discuss.
Continue the lesson on the same day, or the next class session, by showing them the piece or art which the above book pairs with “Gun Battle” (my copy is at school and I can’t get in there due to covid19, so not sure what it is exactly, but some Western scene)….
Utilize VTS to have a whole-class discussion about what the students are seeing and how it relates to the “Gun Battle” listening selection. Discuss how Copland’s choice of instrumentation and expressive qualities in this selection match/support (or don’t) what they see in the picture. T should record discussion about instrumentation and expressive qualities to display later.

Review: Have S listen again to Hoe-Down and to Gun Battle, writing down feelings words (emotions) as they listen. Have them match up emotions with the instrumentation and expressive qualities made during previous lesson.