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Creativity Lesson Plan-Gary Goins

Gary Goins
Ancient Mexican Suns (Calendar)
Creating- Anchor Standards #1-2
Producing-Anchor Standards #4-6
Connecting-Anchor Standards #10-11

12x12 brightly colored construction paper
12x9 painted paper (cut into a 9x9 square and a 3x9 strip)
2x4 white paper for eyes
Scrap paper for pupils
Painted paper scraps in various colors
Paper plate template for the sun shape
Elmer’s glue
Oil Pastels
Placemats for protecting the tabletop

*Aztec  *Symmetrical  * Patterns

Learning Objective:
Develop an appreciation of the Aztec culture and their beliefs.
Demonstrate an understanding of symmetrical designs.
Demonstrate an understanding of lines and shapes used to create patterns.

1. Use the paper plate as a template. Trace around it in pencil on a 9x9 piece of painted paper. Trace on the backside of the painted paper so there are no pencil marks on the front. Cut out the circle.  
2. Use white paper to create the eyes. Fold the paper in half and draw a circular or oval shape. Keeping the paper folded will result in two symmetrical eyes when cut out.
Repeat this process using scrap paper, making two smaller circles for the irises.
Use painted paper scraps to create a nose and mouth in simple shapes, like an oval or triangle. You can also add circles for cheeks as well.
Glue down all the facial features.
3. Use oil pastels to add symmetrical designs on the face. Simple patterns like dots, dashes, flowers, hearts and diamonds work best.
4. Create the sun rays out of a piece of 3x9 painted paper cut into 3x1/2 strips (about the thickness of French fries). Glue them around the perimeter of the face. Some students glued them on the front, but gluing them on the back of the face results in a neater appearance. Make sure that all the painted paper sides are facing forward.
5. Use one or two colors of oil pastels to add lines on top of the sun rays.
6. Mount the sun on a background by gluing onto a 12x12 piece of construction paper.