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Creativity Lesson Plan

Dianna K. Hanna

Visual Art Standard 7:  Perceive and analyze artistic work.

Grade Level: 1st grade music class

Objective:  Observe the different responses to the cloud picture, from the students, when music is added to the equation.  

1. Show students the picture of the cloud formation and have them take turns describing what they see.
2. Play a slow/mellow song and ask them again to describe what they see in the picture.  Have them pretend they are the cloud and move to the music.
3. Play a fast/aggressive song and ask them again to describe what they see, and move to the music as a cloud would move with this type of song.

1. With which approach do you get the most information from the students? (no music, slow music, fast music)
2. Which approach gives you the best behavior from the students? (raising their hands, waiting their turn to speak, thoughtful responses)
3. Which approach gives you the most excitement and energy from the students? (jumping, dancing, laughing)

How this is useful and applicable to my class?
Depending on the outcome I'm looking for, I can use calming music, energetic music, or no music to obtain the responses from my students.  A good combination of these approaches, gives students of all learning styles a chance to excell.  Some students need to move around or they get antsy, some students need quiet, relaxed activity, some need a healthy combination of the two.