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Creativity Lesson Plan

Morgan Lagos
Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Subjects: Social Studies, Art

Students will analyze photographs of immigrants to interpret push and pull factors.

Standards Addressed:
Anchor Standard #7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.
Standard #3: Analyzing Human Population Movements and patterns.

Overview: Students will be presented multiple photographs depicting immigrants/immigration. The students will analyze the photos and interpret push/pull factors for immigration based off of their perception of the photos.  

Social Studies notebooks or paper, definitions of push and pull factors (push-reasons someone leaves their county (negative)) (pull-reasons someone goes to another country (positive)), photographs of immigrants, immigration, advertisements during a large immigration time-with a focus around Ellis Island.

1. Introduce push/pull vocabulary
2. Students discuss what examples of push/pull factors may be
3. View first photograph as a whole with guided discussion
4. Students gallery walk around the classroom to the other photographs with their notebooks or paper
5. Students analyze photographs with an emphasize on push and pull factors

Students will be assessed verbally based on the push/pull factors they came up with based on the gallery walk activity.