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Paul Southwell
Lesson Plan for Creativity
By Paul Southwell

Art Standard
Anchor Standard #11- Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.

Art piece for inspiration
<a href="!#filterName:all-paintings-chronologically,resultType:masonry">!#filterName:all-paintings-chronologically,resultType:masonry

Subject focus
Connecting ELA instruction (synthesizing information across several contexts), social studies (study of the existence and impact of slavery in the united states).

The students have been reading various novels and informational texts about the origins of slavery throughout history, its arrival on the American continents, and the specific form and context it took in the United States up through the formation of Jim Crow laws.

Have students view the image as a whole class, ask them to brainstorm in their groups what they see.  Brainstorm a list and post it where all can read it.

Direct Teaching
Continue to follow the discussion that arises from the students until all avenues of dialogue around the painting have been followed.  Then introduce the children to the poem The Slave Mother by Frances Ellen Watkins ( and have them discuss in their groups how the poem relates to the paintings.  

Now have the students, either independently or in their groups, write a poem of their own that relates to the painting, poem, and/or information from the various other texts they have read.  Beyond the poem itself, they should create a list of the works they were inspired by as well as quote specifically from the texts or describe what in the work of art inspired them.

A rubric, created with the students, will be used to judge the integration of information from various sources to create and interpret the art.

Students will perform their poems for one another at the conclusion of the series of lessons.