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Lisa Anderson
Name: Lisa Anderson

Grade Level:  5th Grade

Title of Lesson: Native American Dwellings

Students will take the knowledge of what they have learned about Native American dwellings to create a miniature scale model of the home that this Native family might have lived in.

Art Standard Addressed-Subject Integration: Social Studies
#2 Organize and develop artistic ideas and work
#3 Refine and complete artistic work
#6 Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work

Materials/Resources Needed:
Gather materials you would find in nature that would have been used for shelter during this time.

Technology Used:
Computers may be used to google photos of different dwellings during this time period if needed.

Lesson Procedure:

        Step 1:
Students will look at the photo of this Native American family and use their knowledge of Native American dwellings to create a dwelling for them. Students may use computers or ipads to research Native Americans during this time.

        Step 2:
Once students have research complete, they will need to collect materials for this project.  Keep in mind that this was a different time where there was no Home Depot or Lowe’s store to go buy materials.  Where would they find what they needed for a shelter?  What would they use to keep things together?  What materials might they have used?

        Step 3:
Construct your dwelling to fit the size of your student desk.

        Step 4:
Present your dwelling to the class.  What materials did you choose to use and why?  What climate does your Native American family live in?

Students will be assessed using a rubric they helped to create based on following directions, work completion, and creativity.