Ellen Stoltz-McGinity Arts Integration in Classroom

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Ellen Stoltz-McGinity Arts Integration in Classroom

Ellen Stoltz-McGinity
Take Aways:

In reading the three articles, I saw some common threads. Most notably to me include the ideas of arts integration helping students become more divergent and open in their thinking, that students' responses seems to show greater acceptance of differences in others, and less judgmental of others differences and differing points of view. I noticed also that students seemed more capable of really thinking things through and coming up with a more personal response than when in a sit and get then test setting. Kids really seemed to like the active learning involved in creating an art project, or putting on a play or musical act.

Connections to Classroom:

I need to step up doing more active, hands on learning within my music classrooms. When we are back to school and it seems safe to share surfaces, more playing of instruments, more integrative arts activities across dance/visual/auditory arts. For example, the idea of drawing cartoons to represent the excitement found in Katchaturian's Sabre Dance (one of my favorites; glad for an idea for a fresh way to use this gem).