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Miranda Davidson
What speaks to you?
After watching the videos and reading, the thing that spoke to me most was how the children were so engaged in the artwork that they were looking at and the questions that they were asking each other about what they saw. It was amazing how they stayed on topic and were so intrigued by the artwork. Another thing that spoke to me was in the last video, how music can be incorporated into subjects, not just by singing songs, but in many other ways like musical notes.

Does it give you any ideas?
After reading and watching the videos, it does open the idea of how children use their eyes and how they want to know and try to figure out what they are seeing and looking at. I have never thought about his before and plan to start using more visuals and visual discussions in my lessons.

How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?
We have an art class as one of our specials that students go to every third day. Also, as a kindergarten teacher, we do lots of crafts with our work. We are constantly making things with paper, scissors, markers, crayons, and glue, and sometimes we even get the paint out.

Other reactions?
Other reactions that I had were how important songs are in helping students to remember things. In kindergarten, we sing songs all the time, but it just reaffirmed in my mind the reason why we do this.