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Ann McCall
What speaks to you?

While watching the videos of the students, I was very impressed by their level of thoughtfulness while responding to the art they were viewing. They were eager to share how they felt about the art because all of their answers were accepted and there was no right or wrong answer. I felt they were very motivated to share their thoughts. While watching the students respond verbally to the art they were viewing I also thought how great the arts are at supporting language development.

Does it give you any ideas?

It made me realize how important it is for students to discuss ideas verbally with peers before they begin writing. Therefore, during writing I will make sure students have ample time to talk to their peers about what they want to write before asking them to sit down and write their ideas.

How do you integrate art in your curriculum?

One way I use art in my curriculum is by encouraging students to explain their thoughts and ideas by using labels in their drawings. My curriculum also incorporates a lot of movement and singing.

Other thoughts?

While watching the video from Education Closet, I noted that the speaker talked about the importance of having a strong art program in your school and that art integration does not replace the art program. Therefore, art teachers and the arts are extremely important for