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Forum Post 2: Reflection on 3 articles
My combined take-aways after reading the three articles (How Arts Integration Supports Learning, How Integrating Arts...Makes Learning Come Alive, and Exploring Benefits of Art in El Ed) was kind of an aha moment for me: Art is part of who we are; it's the way we absorb, process and communicate information and stimuli we encounter each day. The readings made me wonder why art isn't the main subject area, and the vehicle by which we learn all others. It seems to make more sense than the current public education system set-up. Apart from maybe kindergarten and 1st grade, the system seems bent on keeping the arts on the fringes of learning, when art is actually the perfect facilitator of learning. Given the spontaneous engagement, ownership and meaning-making, it seems only natural. The fact that all art can be made personal and unique to each learner, makes it all the more useful as a form of learning. Differentiation is built in! I have felt guilt in the past for integrating art into my teaching occasionally because it could be viewed as frivolous or off task. I feel like the research gives me permission to intentionally include more art, and make space for it in everything I teach, without apologies. I also feel empowered to share this research with other teachers and my administrator. Specifically this week I will make space for students to use their imagination in math to draw fibonacci spirals on graph paper, not just to create a list of fibonacci numbers, but for each to find their own meaning and connections.