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Angela Spartz
What speaks to you?
The ideas that spoke to me most were how can I add art in a meaningful way to enhance my lesson... I feel many of us use picture walks or inferencing through art in a more common setting, but taking a look at our art standards and joining my content lesson with an art standard was a new thought.

Does it give you any ideas?
Yes.  I thought a lot of my social studies standards and how much I can add within my content standards.  I cover government, The Declaration of Dependence, the Civil War, and our rights.  I'm thinking about bringing back our song we used to sing for the Constitution!  I would like to find more illustrations and use Visual technology through google to transport us to other places and see with our eyes.  

How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?
I haven't ever made it a real point.  Up until this class, any art integrated was out of luck.  

Other reactions?
I typed art on each of my lesson plans as a place holder to think of how can I explore more this week?  I also put on my to-do list to go through the art and music standards for my grade level to find more overlap.