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What speaks to you?

As I was watching the video, it reminded me that students have amazing powers of observation.  That when students are allowed to interpret and describe what they see without adhering to the standard rubric of understanding, amazing things come out.  Listening to them explain why they see something a certain way and then to hear another student explain what they saw and have that be completely different is wonderful!  Reaffirms that all students do not see things nor learn the same way.  Watching them view the pieces of art in the museum, they truly were engaged and enjoyed the chance to share what they saw in the art.

Does it give you any ideas?

It does, by using art enhancement and integration with my special education students several different ways to access learning become available.  Using these approaches with my students should help them better access the general education curriculum.  

How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?

Currently I use art with helping my students understand and demonstrate that understanding of taught math skills.  It is useful with multiplication and division stories, basic fractions and equivalents, and adding and subtracting for my younger ones.  I have laminated pictures of classical art pieces that I use for writing.  I use them to help with descriptive language, details, and interpretation.  I do need to find ways to utilize art in more ways.

Other reactions?

It was mentioned that it is beneficial to have a strong art program already established in your building to help integrate and enhance art across grade levels and curriculum.  My current site has an amazing art and music staff.  They are incredible at tying into lessons being taught and projects with their respective disciplines.