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Brittany Glass
What speaks to you? What is VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies)?

Visual Thinking Strategies provides a way to jump start a process of learning to think deeply and apply it in most subjects from poetry to math, science and social studies. This allows students to meet the Common Core Standards of thinking skills that become habitual and transfer from lesson to lesson, oral and written language literacy, visual literacy, and collaborative interactions among peers.
I like the idea that art enables students to use existing visual and cognitive skills to develop confidence and experience, learning to use what they already know to figure out what they don't; they are then prepared to explore other complex subject matter alone and with peers. It is nice to see a bridge between almost every subject matter correlate with art and the variety of strategies it has to along with it.

Does it give you any ideas?

In knowing the strategies within Art, I can now utilize them within the classroom to engage my students in to think more visually and cognitively in order to develop better comprehension and confidence within biology. In provided them with these Visual Thinking Strategies, students will gain  life long learning tools to use and explore within their educational careers. Along with teaching these strategies I can continuously reinforce them and display them around the room for students to have access to the process of it.
How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?

I integrate art into biology within a few of our units we cover. Students have the ability to view scientific artwork online and within texts for better comprehension of the materials. Students are also asked to create a negative feedback look that corresponds to their body attempting to maintain homeostasis, within this standards based project students are to draw out the body systems that are involved in their feedback loops and label them accordingly. Also, when we cover our environment and human impact, students are asked to observe images of our earth both current and potential future if we continue to overuse and abuse our planet. These forms of art have assisted my student tremendously in gaining better understanding of the core standards.

Other reactions?

All around art offers our students a great insight to all subjects as long as we as educators have a proper way to connect them. I plan to have a greater appreciation for art in the future and keep an open mind to new ideas that will ultimately benefit my students.