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 What speaks to you?

What really speaks to me was the first one.  One of the speakers lines was that "Education is knowing what to do when you don't know."  I feel this really applies to us in the education world in this year 2020 and at the end of 2019.  Everyone in the education world is at a stage of not knowing but we are expected to know.  Student look to us for guidance and we have to work with what we know and apply what we have learned and teach these students.

    Does it give you any ideas?

Yes, I will not be able to have one on one with my students.  They will not be able to have group projects unless they are able to collaborate with each other via online.  I will need to use more visual learning to create critical thinkers.  Many students want a yes or no answer but that is not always possible.  

    How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?

When I have my students create art it is usually them creating a powerpoint or something of a visual project involving what we are talking about.  I feel I am going to have to expand on that and make them more critical thinkers to help them be able to expand on their thinking in order to solve problems.

    Other reactions?

I really liked hearing the students talking about the art piece and asking each other questions about what they think and what they saw.  It was really inspiring for me to try this with my students in order for them to collaborate and talk to their peers more.