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Sydney Paustian
What speaks to you?
I really enjoyed the video on visual thinking strategies. I loved hoe engaged the students were and were interested in the art they were observing. I also believe that students need to understand and know what they are looking at for them to fully process what it is the teachers wants them to learn and understand. Giving them the opportunity to talk with each other in what they notice and see in each picture or painting. They are then able to hear others opinions on what they see or think and it gives someone another perspective they may not have noticed.

    Does it give you any ideas?
Watching that video did give me ideas. I teach kindergarten and often times we don't think they would be able to make observations like that but i think an activity where they observe a piece of art and make predictions on what they think would be a cool experience. we do a lot of "exploring" things in kindergarten so incorporating art and music with exploring would be great. I used to do an activity where they listen to some tunes and try and figure out what song it is. I would love to do more things like this because they LOVE it!

    How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?
I teach kindergarten so we do a lot of coloring, painting, dancing, physical movement and things that incorporate art but not directly the art standard. My students fortunately still have the opportunity to go to art, music, Pe specials so they are able to focus more on the standards in the subjects. In our classroom we do a lot of dancing, singing, coloring and painting so that incorporates the things they love.

    Other reactions?