Horses on parade in 1520!

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Horses on parade in 1520!

penelope miller

Too sorry the image would not paste and there is not a more button on my screen. Please click on the image address below! penelope

Integrate Science and anatomy of horses with the craft of armour making. Did you know there are still armour makers today?

Tell a story or read about the Knights of the Round Table! Describe the battles the knights and their horses were involved in. Then show them this photo of the horse armour made in 1521 in Nuremburg for the Duke of Saxony-Coburg. I have seen this horse and it is quite stunning. Hopefully that magic will rub off for your students. I think second graders love to make their own “toys”. Look at some paper dolls with clothes.

This lesson connects at a basic art core level including the first three standards. The standard is listed and the parts of the lesson follow it:
Anchor Standard #1. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
Provide many kinds of horses to inspire students. Let children make small idea sketches,

Anchor Standard #2. Organize and develop artic ideas and work.
Then draw your horse from side and the full size. Use paper first, then transfer to the cardboard or glue the paper to the cardboard and cut around it. Making horses like paper dolls, 2D out of recycled cardboard cereal boxes that is easy to cut and free for the budget. You might need to review scissor-cutting procedures. But prepared to send the horse to the hospital if there is an accident!

As the teacher decide if you are prepared for paints or colored pencils. Demonstrate the finer details of that media.

Anchor Standard #3. Refine and complete artistic work.
Finally those horses live in 1520! So it is time to pretend to be the medieval armour maker Kunz Lochner. Make the armour “clothes” for the horse. Be sure you add tabs to attach the armour to your horse.

Of course, you need a parade of those fancy dressed horses.

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Re: Horses on parade in 1520!

Robert Kinzenbaw
I like the idea of putting all the horses on parade!