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Lesson Plan for Creativity: Kelsey Goede

Your Name: Kelsey Goede

Grade Level: 4th

Title of Lesson: Graphing buttons

Students will create graphs representing the image of the buttons
Students will learn the different ways to graph objects.

Art Standard Addressed-Subject Integration:
Anchor Standard #7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.

Data: A collection of information about a topic
Mean: Average
Mode: Most frequent value

Materials /Resources Needed:
-Graph paper
-Colored Pencils
-Image of buttons

-Teacher computer

Lesson Procedures:

Step 1: Go over the vocabulary words with the students and show them the example graph image. Talk over the image and ask them what they notice. Which sport has the most likes? Which has the least? How do you know? Discuss these questions and answers as a whole group.

Step 2: Explain to students that they are going to be creating their own graphs over an image of buttons. Pull up the button image on the screen so it is visible to all students. Discuss what they notice in the image. Go over the directions of this assignment with the students.
- You will each be given a piece of graph paper.
- On the graph paper you job is to graph what you notice about the buttons in this image, graph the different colors.
- The colors go on the bottom of the graph and the numbers go on the side, you may number it however you like.
- When you are done graphing you may use your colored pencils go color in the graphs so each one is a different color, this makes it easier to see.
- When everyone is finished we will come together as a class and share our graphs and the observations that we made about the buttons.

Step 3: Come back together whole group and discuss the graphs that the students created. What was the most common color of button? Using our vocabulary we learned as the beginning, what is the vocabulary word that matches the most common button? Which color as the least buttons? How many buttons were all together?

The student’s graphs will be assessed. I will look over the graphs to check their understanding of graphing and how they interpreted the button image. I will check to make sure their numbers are accurate and they correctly graphed the colored buttons.