Lesson Plan for Creativity: Painting with Gravity

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Lesson Plan for Creativity: Painting with Gravity

Candice Wake
Painting with Gravity

Grade Level: 5

Subjects: Science, Art

This lesson is designed for a 5th grade student with significant disabilities who is on alternate assessment. The concept of gravity has been introduced but is at the instructional level.
It is anticipated that the teacher will perform every step as a guide for the student to follow along. A suggestion may also be for the teacher to make the exact same picture the student does as more of a guide, if needed.

Standards Addressed:
EE.5-PS2-1 Demonstrate that the gravitational force exerted by Earth on objects is directed down.   (Essential Elements standard)
Anchor Standard #1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #2 Organize and develop artistic ideas and work
Objective: Student will produce a work of art using tissue paper and paint to demonstrate the effect of gravity.

Washable paint, watered down (so it can flow easily down the paper)
2 Plastic spoons to pour paint down board
2 White foam boards (size can vary, suggest 11” X 14”)
2 Wire stands to put foam board on
Glue (mixed with a little water)
2 Paint brushes
Permanent Markers

1. Start by asking the student something they would like to make on their board. Offer suggestions, if needed, such as a flower and sun, butterfly, dog, or slide.
2. Stand foam board mostly straight up. (Demonstrate for student)
3. Put paint on your spoon and place on top of your foam board. Ask student “Which way will the paint go if it put it on the board?” If student does not answer correctly, set spoon down and demonstrate gravity with a pencil or other object by dropping it and asking student which way it will go when dropped. If student cannot say the correct word, can he/she point in the correct direction? Repeat putting spoon on top of foam board and ask question again.
4. Discuss briefly gravity as the force that the paint went down, making connection to previous lesson.
5. Drip the paint on the board, manipulating the board some and asking again, which way will the paint go.
6. Allow student to drip paint on his/her board. Have student manipulate board, asking which way the paint will go.
7. Ask the student if they still want to make what they originally chose or do the drips make him/her want to make something else?
8. Demonstrate for student, cutting out shapes out of tissue paper and placing them on the table in the desired design. (You may want to do the exact same picture for the student to follow your guidance better.)
9. Student uses tissue paper to cut out desired shapes. Assist with cutting if needed. The student can tell you what shapes or what item they want cut out. The object is not to have the child draw a dog or house, so if that is what they want, do it for them, having them do what they are capable of doing.
10. Demonstrate painting with glue mixture to place picture pieces on board.
11. Student paints with glue mixture to place pictures pieces on board. Assist where needed.
12. After picture dries, use permanent market to add needed details. Demonstrate for student.
13. Review which way the paint went when it was placed on the board. Ask student what made that happen. Make a statement of understanding or review concept of gravity.

Student will be assessed verbally at the beginning and end of the activity on the concept of gravity.
Student will be asked at various times throughout the day which way objects will go when dropped, and a connection to the art activity will be made.