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Lesson Plan for Creativity

Samantha Smith

Grade Level: 5th Grade

Subjects: Writing, Social Studies

Students will discuss and write about what they see happening in a picture.
Students will paint and write about what they think the picture meant to those at that time period.

Standards Addressed:

Explain how economic, political, and social contexts shaped people’s perspectives at a given time in history.
Using information from within a primary source, infer the intended audience, purpose, and how the creator’s intended audience shaped the source.

Arts Anchor Standard 8: Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.

Arts Anchor Standard 11: Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.


This lesson will be part of a cross-curricular unit on seasons. Multiple books will be read and discussed as part of this literacy and social studies unit. Prior to this lesson, students will have read texts such as Sugaring by Jessie Haas and Maple Syrup from the Sugar House by Knowlton and Mitter. The unit will also include several other texts and activities related to winter.

For this part of the unit, students will focus on the painting “Sugaring Off” by American folk artist Grandma Moses. Students will discuss what they see. The class will then participate in a shared writing activity. After this discussion, they will create a mural of winter activities and write about their own winter activity.


World War II V-J Day Kiss
iPad to record opinions

1. Begin discussing with the students how we have been learning a little bit about World War II.
2. Students will then talk about how the war made people feel and why they think that.
3. Next I will show them the World War II V-J Day Kiss picture that many know.
4. I will ask students to jot down what do they take from that picture?
5. Then after a few minutes I will tell them when and where the picture was taken and see if any have changed their opinions at all.
6. Students will be given the option to record their opinions on an iPad to share solely with me or have an open discussion in class about how they felt seeing it and what do they think was the intention behind the photograph? Who was the intended audience? How might this have affected people back then?


Beginning                        Developing               Secure                  Exceeds Expectations
Did not participate Wrote down 1-2 thoughts Wrote down 3-4 thoughts Wrote down 5+ thoughts
Did not participate Gave unclear opinions in class or on iPad Gave short but concise answers in class or on iPad Gave in-depth answers in class or on iPad