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Lesson Plan for Creativity

Brittany Willett
Name: Brittany Willett

Grade: 1st

Title of Lesson: Watercolor Alphabet

Students will create their own designs in the spaces using watercolors.
Students will be able to create secondary colors using the primary.

Anchor Standard #1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.

Watercolor paper
Watercolor paint
White crayon
Paper Towels
Paint Brushes

Lesson Plan:
- Review with students the alphabet
- Review the watercolors, what colors mix well together, what colors don't
- Pass out paper and have students get out a white crayon
- Model for students how to make a 28 block grid, 4 rows of 7, explaining their will be two extra boxes
- Students will draw their boxes with their white crayon
- After boxes are drawn the students will then write the alphabet, one letter per box
- Once the alphabet is written students will use their watercolors to individually paint and create in each box

Students will use the watercolors to create unique designs.