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Merydith Marshall
When reading and watching the videos on Visual Learning Strategies I was very impressed with the students response. It was encouraging to hear the students getting deep into conversation with one another. They were also very engaged throughout the entirety of the lesson. Also, the video on Arts Integration was extremely helpful. There were several strategies mentioned that I could definitely take back into my classroom that are very easy to incorporated.

All of the readings and videos gave me several ideas for my classroom. Whether it is using songs to remember concepts or just giving students the chance to look at a visual and discuss their thoughts and opinions freely.

I realized after reading more about VLS that this is already integrated into my math curriculum. The math curriculum I used, Illustrative Mathematics, is very big on using visuals and having students think and share their strategies and thoughts with others. For example, for a warm up, students may be given a visual of a hanger diagram. Then the students are given time to look at the diagram and think about what they notice, wonder, or even know to be true. I will use the strategies given in the reading and videos to deepen the conversation with my students. I also always seem to forget that songs are a great way to help students really understand a concept. For example, using songs to remember rules for division of fractions.

Can't wait to try out some of these strategies in my classroom!