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SYMBALOO - This is something I can see being highly beneficial for my students when they are working on their Mulit Genre project (4th quarter) where they are expected to choose a topic of choice, learn about it, and then create a portfolio displaying their knowledge. Symbaloo will be a great tool for them to use to help organize their learning prior to creating their projects and share like-topic resources within his/her small group.

Here is the link to a mock student symbaloo - 

*I will use this as one of the samples to preview with the kids
*I will also share with them the school library’s symbaloo as another “oh I see” opportunity (real world application)
*My goals for my students while using symbaloo:
        *quick access to my resources
        *quick access to the resource he/she finds
        *link to their blogging account to publish and share his/her learning
        *bookmark resources to help in the creation of his/her final project

*Symbaloo can/will be used as a formative assessment piece; I can check in to see that they are actively finding and using resources to complete their projects
*I’m excited to symbaloo for a variety of reasons: 1) it’s organized, 2) it’s simple, and 3) most importantly - it’s personalized and tailored to each student based on his/her topic and adds another layer of “ownership” to this project and his/her learning.

I feel that I have met my goals for this class -

I will dig deeper into what personalized learning truly looks like in my classroom.
I will create more opportunities for my students to charge of their learning.

- and that is evident in my final artifact.  

But as will all things in education, I too will continue to stretch in my understanding of and application of personalized learning. Afterall, a teacher is forever a student.