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Shelby Blum - Discussion for Assignment #5

Shelby Blum
    What speaks to you?
In video what spoke to me the most was Philip was talking about students learning through their eyes. This stuck out to me the most because I see this in my students. This is my first year of teaching first grade. I have learned so much from my students and have gotten so many great ideas from just listening to how they are making sense of something that we are learning.  

    Does it give you any ideas?
This makes me think of using more higher-order thinking in my classroom and allowing my students the time to really think about what they are looking at. It will give them a better idea of what they are learning and I think it will be something that really sticks with them throughout their education.

    How do you integrate art into your current curriculum?
There are many ways I could integrate art into my current curriculum. One of those ways would be allowing students to really think about what they are seeing in math and be able to really ask questions to their peers about what they are seeing and how they can interpret what they are seeing. I can have everyone share their thoughts on how they may have saw something to allow their thoughts to be heard.

    Other reactions?
I really enjoyed watching these video's and it got me excited to be able to integrate art into my curriculum.