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Shelby Blum - Lesson Plan for Creativity

Shelby Blum
Your Name: Shelby Blum

Grade Level: 1st Grade

Title of Lesson: Comparing Similarities and differences

I can compare how something is similar and how something is different by using the details in a picture.

Performance Art highlighted in this lesson:
Anchor Standard #6. Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.

Art Standard Addressed-Subject Integration:
Anchor Standard #2. Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.

Texture is made to make something look how it feels
Shape: A shape is a closed line.

Materials /Resources Needed:
4) 2 books about the same or similar topic such as flowers or animals

Lesson Procedures:

Step 1:  Introduce what it means to find the similarities and differences in a picture or painting. Introduce vocabulary for students to use when finding those similarities and differences such as texture and shape.

Step 2: Present the Van Gogh picture of the sunflowers. Talk about how the sunflowers themselves are similar and how some are different. Then present another painting of sunflowers. Talk about what is similar and what is different.

Step 2: Have students use their crayons to create their own representation of the sunflowers.

Step 3: Have students find the similarities and differences in their own sunflowers and in a partners.

Step 4: Students will read 2 books and identify the similarities and the differences in those two books using a graphic organizer.


Students will be able to compare the similarities and differences in their own drawing.
Students will be evaluated on their graphic organizer and the comparison of the two books.