Using Books: Emotional Literacy

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Using Books: Emotional Literacy

AEA PD Online Admin
Forum Activity Objective: To plan and be intentional about using books to encourage children’s emotional literacy

Instructions: Choose a storybook and read or review it. Use this form to plan a lesson with related language and activities that teach children emotional literacy. A resource list with storybooks that support children's emotional and social development is on the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning website:

Include the following information in your post:
Book name: Include title and Author
Lesson objective: Statement of what you want the children to know/do at the end of the lesson.
Language: List some specific language to use to talk about feelings and emotion words to teach while reading or looking at the book with children. For instance, you could ask: “What do you think the boy feels when the dog runs toward him? Why do you think that?
Activities:  This can be as simple as planning to ask children to describe times they have felt angry or to invite children to act out a story where characters express strong emotions. These activities could tie to discussions you had about a character in the book feeling angry or feeling intense emotions.

Be sure to include all 4 components in your post.  Also read other's posts for additional ideas on books and activities to teach emotional literacy.
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Re: Using Books: Emotional Literacy

Sharyl Woollums
Book name:Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
Lesson objective:Understanding mad and angry feelings
Language: "What happened that caused Lilly to become angry?" "Why did Lilly get so upset after opening her purse when Mr. Slinger returned it?
Activities: Have one child show an emotion without verbally saying what it is, other children will guess acted emotion.