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Visual Thinking Strategies

Esther Mwelwa
What speaks to you?
The video on VST are very interesting. Children are discussing a piece of art. What make them to understand better. They getting ideas from each other. They getting ideas from each other. They are giving all different ideas and what makes it easier for the teacher to teach the lesson. The discussion between students is very  important, you watch them as a teacher our they will conclude. You see them building their confidence.

Give you ideas?
Yes I think of giving a piece of art that have numbers and different colors to my students and ask them to say the numbers and the colors in French. I will ask them to describe the piece of art using French adjectives learned in the class.

How do I integrate it in the curriculum?

I always sing with my students the French Alphabets song, the days week and Simon says song. We watch a video of a french song and we act it out.
We mostly use this in the culture part