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— by Mary Schermer Mary Schermer
After completing the copyright section of the course, I felt I gained much insight on copyright in general and what it means for me as an educator.  I liked how the course explained the different issues within the topic of copyright too.  I have a better understanding of how my students and I can  or cannot use copyrighted material in the classroom.  Since I also create and sell some classroom items commercially, I found this information helpful to me in that regard as well.  

I know that I will be using the Iowa AEA Online resources more often now to locate classroom materials online.  The site offers many ways to access materials for me to use with my students, without the added worry of copyright issues.  When I seek out materials without the AEA tools, I will have to do much more investigating & research to determine copyright regulations.  Outside of the AEA site, I really appreciate the instructions that were provided on how to use the "Advanced Search" on Google to find copyright-free resources/images.

The Fair Use and Classroom Use sections of this course put my mind at ease, regarding many of the materials I use in my classroom.  On the other hand, this course also reminded me of how serious copyright restrictions are and how important it is to be cognizant of these regulations and the rights of the creators.   Since I teach Kindergarten and the students are rarely accessing materials  independently,  I do not have many concerns about copyrighted materials and student use.  As a classroom teacher who often creates items/materials with the help of images, fonts, and other materials online and finds materials for student use....I will proceed more carefully in the future.