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— by Dana Sanders Dana Sanders
First off, I substitute teach, but have been in the K-12 arena before. I also work in higher education, so I have that take on this, too.

The current state is that online and blended learning is increasing tremendously. I do see quite a bit of face time interaction with the instructor, too. That part is still necessary. High school students are gaining college credit quickly with Kirkwood and other colleges offering more online dual credit courses.

The most promise seems to be with those that would like to achieve dual credit. The amount of students taking college courses is increasing. The options for those courses is also increasing. Elementary students will likely benefit, too. I foresee an increase in additional courses online for those students through the monitoring system of the school.

Implementation is hard when it's new. Change is not always easy. Students may be more receptive to the change than in previous generations as students have grown up with online interaction. To monitor and effectively ensure participation and grading would be the hard part. Motivation to complete the course could be an issue without proper guidance to make sure the student is logged on and learning.

Items that stood out to me were the numbers in how many schools are heading this way. I live in a rural area where high school sees more options than other areas in this. It seems that the entire school system will change over the next few years in this direction. Students that can learn in many ways have a great advantage, though.