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— by Nathan Reck Nathan Reck
Growing up in the digital age in the late 1990's, my friends and I became aware of the copyright materials when downloading music was becoming popular. My friends downloaded lots of music on their computers. I remember hearing about copyright laws then and the trouble you could be in for violating those laws.

After reading the copyright module in our self-paced course, I am much more comfortable using the AEA website and knowing we are safe to use these materials than searching through the web and provided my students with materials that I could be in trouble giving. I have often searched for materials on the web not thinking I am violating anything because it was on the web for everyone to see. Using the AEA website, there is a peace of mind of knowing we are using materials we have permission to use. Asking permission from sources that you use in the classroom would take a tremendous amount of time that we all know we don't have during the school year.