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— by Diane Wolf Diane Wolf
     I understand the copyright laws much better now that I have worked through that section of the course.  It is true, the copyright law is not as restrictive as I had thought.  I think it is much easier and better to go through the AEA online resources and find the videos, books, and other resources  that I want to use in my classroom.  The restrictions and permissions are already labeled and the materials are readily available.  Additionally, the risk of the firewall blocking material is not a concern since I will be working through the AEA site.  

     My current mode of operation is to show no video.  I teach Pre-K and do not want to show entire works.  I will now be able to find smaller sections to use as jumping off points for learning.  I also am really jazzed about the children being able to read along with books.  This is a truly educational way to invite the children into books through technology.