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— by Jerry Jerome Jerry Jerome
In all honesty, the web makes it extremely easy to ignore copyright!  As a result, I have been guilty of doing just that more often than not.  Prior to taking this course, google was my best friend.  I also liked youtube and a variety of other easy net trend sites.  After the reminder offered in the copyright module, I was feeling somewhat guilty at the likelihood of my infringements.  On the positive I have been thinking to myself what a tremendous relief it is to know that I can access clipart, audios, videos, newscasts, and much more through AEA, knowing that its all legal and moral.  I was also victim to the myth that all copyrighted material contained the symbol of such, but learned within this class that is not the case!  Additional new information I was presented with is that teachers do have legal rights to share materials within classrooms.  It is good to know that advances in the web-based learning processes are taking shape to allow for use of copyrighted material, as well.