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— by Sheree Drabek Sheree Drabek
My husband and I published our first (and only) book about 3 years ago.  Our son had just passed away from an illness, and we wanted to offer our resources to other parents/families experiencing similar situations.  So, through this process, I learned A LOT about copyright, etc. And now, I do have an appreciation for those people who make publishing their life's work.  They need to be protected or they will not make a living.  They have worked very hard to create, develop, and write quality content.  

As a music teacher and a contest accompanist, I have also witnessed STACKS of copied music!  That is illegal unless noted otherwise as in the case of some music resource books.  Those musicians and composers have spent many hours perfecting their skills and compositions.  They deserve to have their music "bought" legally and not copied.  Also, it's very important for the students to be aware of and understand this concept as well.  "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!" We, as teachers need to be good role models for our students.  They are watching!