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— by Penny Burger Penny Burger
As I completed the copyright section, I found myself alternating breathing a sigh of relief, blushing and gaping at some of the information. I have allowed myself to be ignorant of copyright and Creative Commons even though I knew of both; it was just easier because I use a LOT of media with my students both for viewing and creation.

I'll definitely be more careful in the future. In fact, I immediately went and unpublished my class web site from last year since it is no longer needed for student use and I also had some no-no's on there. As I was learning about the various resources, I was really cognizant of the fact that these resources would be particularly helpful for their allowable use. Since I did find that the resources are really updated from when I last used them, I can also am assured that I will find engaging and age appropriate resources for my students.  

I will also be more careful in using the Creative Commons filter when using Google search and will be sure to have my students do so as well.