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— by Carrie Enderson Carrie Enderson
After going through the module of the copyright law I have a much better understanding of what you can and can't do.  I orginally thought that copyright meant that it was really limited to what you could use in your classroom or you would get into a lot of trouble in using the materials found on line.  I would feel more confident in what I was giving and presenting to my students by using the AEA online resources rather than a google search.  The hard work has been done for you already by the creators of AEA online going through and filtering it for teachers and students.  The material that you can use is all ready for you to use it and at your finger tips.  It is a tough topic to teach students what plagiarism is.  If students are taught from an early age what is ok and what is not and know how to give the credit of work than you are doing your job as an educator on this topic.  Using the AEA online resources is a great help to educators in teaching them how to do this.  Many schools also block sites that are found on on a google site but those on the AEA site have already been filtered and are not blocked by schools and come from a reliable, good source.