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In the video about arts integration I learned the difference between arts integration and arts enhancement is the standards. It is looking at content standards for different subjects and connecting the two in a learning task. You are not just enhancing a lesson but integrating it across multiple subject standards. Another key point is to  make sure that the arts program should be solid. The art skills will be taught in art and the students can most effectively utilize those while focusing on the other content standards.

In Philip Yenawine’s excerpt on visual thinking strategies I learned how important it is to teach visual literacy. It is very much focused on teaching students through stages to have them be able to interpret and discuss works of art like they would critically think about literature. For me as a LA teacher it can only provide more opportunities to have students have a kinesthetic experience with language. They are able to conceptualize vocabulary and communicate their interpretation or personal meaning. Visual literacy also promotes diverse thinking and understanding the differences people have in experiences and meaning.

In the video Visual Thinking Strategies it was amazing to see the dialog exchange between the students and the instructor and peers. It appears that students have a purpose for learning and engagement. They seemed much less likely to act up or out. They were able to connect using their own experiences. The formal set up of the teacher modeling how dialog should take place really stimulates the kids to mimic the dialog and actions on their own.

I really haven't integrated art a whole lot into my practice. It has been superficial experiences in enhancing a lesson as opposed to integrating it into skills and simple projects. The thinking I have for presenting future lesson concepts is based on the following questions: how do I get kids to express/represent their ideas through multiple means, and how have others represented their thinking in the past or in one's community? I think this is very easily done in units of poetry. By integrating arts with reading and writing students will have a more comprehensive understanding to be able to conceptualize concepts probably before understanding how to communicate them. It's much easier to teach students how to communicate than the what. The what in the communicating must be natural and not contrived if we are to truly teach. I feel one huge struggle and disservice to my students is the teaching of, this is why. I want students to have their own understanding and realizations not copy my thinking. Integrating art will be the method of opening up their representational thinking.