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At first, when I sat down to take this test, I became very excited. I particularly enjoy fact recall and trivia and perform quite well with those assessment types. However, I became defeated part way through when I wasn't able to recall certain facts. It lowered my self-worth and what I believed was something I was good at. School has always been something that I have had a lot of success with because of the learning style I was accustomed to. The teacher gives the information, students take notes, then it's up to us to memorize those notes until we are assessed. However, if you are not using that information, it gets lost. Nothing is more frustrating to me when cannot recall an answer I once knew!

It makes me think about all the visuals I use in the classroom to keep important information close to students, letter sounds, vowels, spelling patterns, sight words, and expectations just to name a few. There is no possible way students will be able to carry this style of learning and apply it to their daily lives, so why as educators are we assessing in a way that just expects basic recall?