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What were some new learnings?
Evolution is continuous and ongoing. Not all species have a fossil record. We have gaps in the timeline of evolution.

Something that you may have already known:
Students at the elementary level begin with variation, a lesson idea from the video is showing them a photo and having them identify the number of species they can see.

Questions you still have?  
Standard LS4.B is left blank for elementary- reason for this?

What preconceptions do you anticipate your students will have about topics found in this standard?  
Evolution is a quick and easy process and having students understand the concept of time. How evolution and variation happen over multiple generations and how there are several other different species that have evolved between humans and dinosaurs. Students are expected to know how some species lived a long time ago but are no longer present today. They need to understand the term extinction and its possible causes.

What are some ways you plan on addressing these preconceptions?
Having a visual timeline posted in the classroom. Using a lot of pictures for modeling side-by-side comparing and contrasting. This will help take such a complex topic and make it more concrete.