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What were some new learnings, something that you may have already known, or some questions you still have?  I was surprised by the lack of standards addressing this issue below the 4th grade level.  It was at this point that it made more sense that students needed to have basic ideas of energy developed as they will possibly have very limited background knowledge.  

What preconceptions do you anticipate your students will have about topics found in this standard?  Some preconceptions would be that energy is “used up”, energy defined may be  limited to electrical or similar types of energy, the general understanding may also be limited to the larger, observable models.

What are some ways you plan on addressing these preconceptions?
the content area vocabulary may be new learning, students may need to “experience” the transfer of energy through different contexts such as sound moving through different mediums, friction, etc., and models of the concepts that are not visible to their senses (going from a macro to a micro viewpoint).