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Facebook Assignment - Rob Sinclair

As the HS Assistant Principal, and also as the AD, I was able to follow our groups/teams' Facebook pages.  It is a great way to celebrate success and moments in students' lives.  I know that some of our coaches use a private Facebook page to communicate with their students.  However, I will say that most students prefer Twitter for their communication with adults currently.

However, our adult groups are using Facebook much more regularly.  Both of our booster clubs have a Facebook page and our alumni association.  This seems to be one of the best ways for them to communicate with other adults of all ages.

I have also noticed an increased number of events/invites being managed through Facebook.  Many of this year's graduates sent me invites through Facebook.  

I follow the CASEL as one of my roles is to lead the SEL in our building.  They have a tremendous amount of material and information for educators.

I recently followed Principal Principles Leadership Group.  I'm not sure yet how advantageous this will be, but it's an opportunity to connect with others in my role.