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Google Gmail Classroom Use Google Apps 101

Denise Carley
With the recent school cancellations and planning for this coming school year, I would like to teach my students to set up notifications when a new message is sent from me or the school.  They could set up the notifications for their Chromebook and on their phones.  I had one student figure out how to do this with Google Classroom as well.  She was able to stay on top of new messages.   This would be beneficial so they can see when I send messages of encouragement, homework, project and test reminders, and even notices for grading completion.

It would also help them if they are collaborating on a project. They could email each other and use notifications.

Another function that would be helpful is to have them set up their own signature. This way, they won't have to remember each time to sign their e-mail.  It is also a place they can have creativity.  

I am planning on exploring the "Task" feature. I often lose emails and or have to search for those things I need to work on as a teacher.  After I practice this feature more, I would instruct the students how do this and encourage them to utilize this to keep track of tasks and assignments.  As well as adding the link to their Google Calendar on the bottom right.  Google Classroom uses Google Calendar so it can all be found in one place. I can see this benefiting them.

As the future is uncertain about learning days at home again, I am planning on making Google training part of my classes very early on in the first week or two of school.  If I can't do it in person I would find videos or ways to add this information for them.  The students were found it quite easy to tell their parents, they didn't know what to do.  These Gmail strategies will also be communicated to their parents!

These are some ways that would benefit my students and myself in organizing our communication!