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Internet Safety - Sharon Ball
What social media networking site did you explore and what settings in that site should users be aware?
I had signed up for a FaceBook account a few years back to go along with my business in education. I was told it was a great way to connect with new clients and my current clients. My young adult children disagreed &  told me that it was outdated and really now for older people to keep in touch and communicate and they really don't go on FaceBook anymore. Meaning that they didn't think young parents would be visiting this site for social networking. I found that very interesting. They said Instagram & Snapchat were ways to communicate with friends but really you couldn't reach people that weren't already friends.
I checked my settings and usually do it only once a year. I will do it monthly now as suggested in the video link to be safer. I like the Safe Browsing Alert feature - a warning is displayed. If hacked there is a link to go into FaceBook to get more specific help. If someone is trying to use your account from an unrecognized device - there is a Two Factor Authentication notice sent to you at login.
I think those features should be recognized and used by teens that may be new to FaceBook, that is if they are even using this social media network these days.