Madison Geisler- My Science Reflection

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Madison Geisler- My Science Reflection
What do you remember most about the Science instruction you had?
The Science instruction that I mostly had was writing in a Science notebook and learning through the textbook. I remember learning through the FOSS kits and getting to practice our learning through experiments. Those were my favorite days of learning. Our Science instruction was very guided and structured where we didn't have a lot of creativity when experimenting.

What do you remember fondly?
I mostly remember Elementary Science and my High School Science courses, because we were more hands-on at those ages. I really remember Biology in high school, because we were studying life all around the world. I loved that we were able to get out into nature and explore the world around us. I especially loved dissecting a frog. It was really interesting to me. I also really remember my 8th grade science. I loved my science teacher, who happens to be my now principals mom (small world). My cousin and I created a H2O song about the different parts of water and sang it in front of the whole school. Science has always sparked an interest in me.

What do you recall that was less than enjoyable?
For me, the less enjoyable parts of Science is the "sit and get" portion of the programs. I also hated writing in my science notebook, even though I know that is what great scientists do. I would rather talk about my discoveries, or share them in a different way than just writing them down, so I wish there was more options on sharing out my discoveries.

What impact has this had on your own teaching?
I would say that I try and teach mostly with hands-on learning. I try to get my students up and moving around instead of sitting while I teach. I have built a great balance of learning and experiments with our new National Geographic curriculum.