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Amanda Buck
The standard I chose was 5-PS1-4, Conduct an Investigation to determine whether the mixing of two or more substances results in new substances.

The SEP for the standard is planning and carrying out investigations. Investigations should be used to answer questions and test designs. Some investigations will be observation based. The way to set up an investigation is to first ask a question, then set the variables and finally the controls.

The DCI for the standard is Chemical Reactions. In the classroom we will focus on when two or more substances are mixed, a new substance with different properties may be formed. In the elementary grades it’s important to focus on “changes in temperature can cause changes in molecules motion.” In the upper elementary grades conservation of mass should be the focus.

The CCC is cause and effect, more specifically, relationships are routinely identified and used to explain change. Students would discuss after conducting experiments that the mixing of two substances resulted in a new substance or did not using cause and effect.