Norms and Responsibilities by Liz Weisinger

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Norms and Responsibilities by Liz Weisinger
The user rights I feel that should be part of the norms are personal privacy and freedom of speech. However, anyone using those norms should be conscience and considerate of other people's rights too. I believe that if you would not say it to another person face-to-face, then do not say it electronically.

User responsibilities really need to be taught to students earlier than is occuring. I believe that user's of any age must be held responsible if what is posted injuries'/hurts another person or the person doing the posting. Parents and teachers both need to start addressing the digital world's responsibilities to stop the storm of attacks online. Lawmakers need to get up to speed with making laws to address responsibility of online users. However, this is a world-wide problem, not just a USA problem which makes this a difficult issue and all the more important to teach our children about it if they are using the technology.